24TPI Fine Cut All-Purpose Jigsaw Blade 5 Pack

Key Features Include:
  • Vented technology reduces heat build-up, improves debris removal and limits contact with the material to allow for efficient cutting while preserving the life of the blade
  • Universal fitment compatible with any T-shank, M-shank or U-shank jigsaw
  • All-purpose blades for cutting metal materials, wood (including wood with nails), plastic, plasterboard, and Perspex sheets
  • 24TPI – ideal teeth per inch for making fine, straight cuts
  • Bi-metal construction for enhanced performance when cutting metal materials

PowerFit 24TPI Fine-Cut All-Purpose Jigsaw Blades equip your jigsaw to make fine, straight cuts in metal materials, plastic, plasterboard, Perspex sheets, and wood (including nail-embedded wood). These fine-cut jigsaw blades feature vented technology to reduce heat build-up, efficiently remove debris, and reduce contact with the material being cut. This allows you to make faster cuts while preserving the life of the blade.

The PowerFit shank provides true universal fitment, making these jigsaw blades compatible with all T-shank, M-shank and U-shank jigsaws. This 5-pack of PowerFit 24TPI Fine-Cut All-Purpose Jigsaw Blades is only available at Bunnings.

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