About Us

Powerfit Accessories are designed to get the most out of your tools. We introduced colour-coding across the range to make it even easier to sort and select the right tool for the job. In time, the PowerFit collection expanded to include jigsaw blades, line trimming line, air tool fitments, nails, buffing bonnets, chainsaw chains, files, chisels and many other accessories.

In times gone by, power tool accessories were locked to brands. If you wanted a new chain for your chainsaw, you were stuck shopping with the same brand of machine you owned, regardless of whether their accessories were designed well and priced reasonably.

That’s where PowerFit comes in. Since 2010, we’ve been manufacturing power tool and power garden tool accessories, letting you choose great quality products for every task.

This makes it easier for dedicated DIYers and tradespeople alike – having a universal jigsaw blade that fits your jigsaw just as well as it fits your mate’s is convenient and practical.

We make power tool accessory selection easy, so you can get on with the job.