3.0mm x 10m Mono Extruded Dimpled Trimmer Line

Key Features Include:
  • Aerodynamic properties keep the line straight while rotating, reducing movement and noise
  • Dimpled profile offers longer runtimes in cordless line trimmers
  • Straighter cutting path provides a better cutting line through grass for a more even finish
  • Hardened core for maximised durability and reduced wear and tear
  • Available in 13 different thicknesses and lengths with mono-extruded and co-extruded dimpled options available

Maximise cutting performance with PowerFit’s new Trimming Line. This exclusive line profile features aerodynamic properties designed to improve air drag whilst reducing noise for a quieter user experience.

The dimpled profile acts similarly to the dimples on a golf ball, meaning less power is needed from the unit to rotate the line through the air. This results in longer battery life and an increase in runtime on cordless line trimmers. The new PowerFit trimming line range now offers both mono-extruded and co-extruded dimpled options.

The aerodynamic profile also offers a straighter cutting path to provide a superior cutting line through your grass, leaving behind a more even finish. The co-extruded line’s hardened core maximises durability, decreasing wear and tear while you work.

From 1.6mm x 15m to 3.0mm x 10m, the PowerFit Trimming Line update comes in 13 different diameters and lengths. Optimise your cordless line trimmer by picking up the updated trimming line today.

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