Powerfit 35mm Claw Nozzle

Key Features Include:
  • Red agitating strip irritates carpet and car seats to bring dust and debris to surface
  • Ideal for use on car seats, carpet and upholstery
  • Strong bristles reach deep into any fabric

Ensure your car cleaning is effective with the PowerFit claw nozzle (35mm). For the dirt that doesn’t easily leave your carpet and upholstery, the red strip will reach it. Its strong bristles get deep into any fabric, freeing debris and allowing it to get sucked up by the vacuum. This is an action that regular vacuum cleaners and accessories can’t accomplish. The claw nozzle is perfect for any type of vehicle, even heavy-duty work vehicles. You can find this PowerFit claw nozzle and other accessories at your local Bunnings today.

Where to buy

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