PowerFit 14TPI Reverse Jigsaw Blade - 2PK

Key Features Include:
  • 20% faster cutting than other wood jigsaw blades
  • Compatible with all T, M, and U-shank jigsaws
  • 14 teeth per inch – inverted to protect surface tops

Leave the top of your surface in the best possible condition with PowerFit 14TPI reverse jigsaw blades. With 14 teeth for every inch of blade, you’ll be able to keep the material clean and smooth as you cut. And the inverted blade teeth keep splinters and debris off the top of the surface – making it perfect for any benchtops or surfaces that can’t be inverted.

PowerFit’s collection of jigsaw blades are designed to deliver the ultimate performance, with the longest possible life. Each blade delivers around 20% faster cutting than other leading brands of blades. And to maximise its useful life, each blade has vented technology. This helps remove unwanted debris from building up, and minimises heat build-up. Each blade is compatible with all T, M, and U-shank jigsaws, making PowerFit’s jigsaw blades the most universal on the market.

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