PowerFit 2pk 50mm Planer Blade

We manufacture high-quality planer blades so you can get the best possible results in your woodwork. With dual-edged tungsten carbide tipped blades, you can feel confident that you will be able to achieve clean, precise smooth finishes, giving your woodworking or carpentry projects a professional look.

Worn or damaged blades are going to leave you with poorer results, and you may even find it harder to operate the tool. So whether you’re smoothing rough surfaces, straightening wooden edges, resizing timber or simply fixing jamming doors and windows, you’ll find it handy to have a replacement planer blade on hand.

Looking for planer blades that deliver trade-quality finishes? Check out our range here, or head down to your local Bunnings Warehouse to pick up your new set of blades.

Where to buy

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